Healthy Living

I grew up on a farm and always had plenty to eat, but I didn’t learn much about nutrition. We typically ate one large meal a day and worked hard to keep the farm operating. It wasn’t unhealthy, but it wasn’t an ideal diet.

Though I wanted to live a healthy life, I didn’t always make the best diet choices and struggled with being overweight. I always thought I should be eating better and be in better physical shape. My unhealthy eating habits continued in college and after I graduated. It perpetuated a cycle of trying to lose weight that was an up and down roller coaster.

I tried every new diet supplement to try to maintain my weight. My career was thriving but I was working a stressful 8-5 job. My life became less physically active, which added more stress and weight gain, and made me even more sedentary.

It wasn’t until three years ago that I broke the cycle. I quit my stressful job and made living a healthy, active life my goal. I needed a better understanding of what it meant to live a healthy life, something I never had growing up.

I had a good friend who was everything I wanted to be and I was envious of her success. She introduced me to the simple three step nutritional program that changed my life and finally broke the unhealthy cycle. I stared on the same nutritional supplement program she was on and I noticed significant improvements in my health. In the first ten days on the program I was felt better than I had in years. My stress was disappearing and so were the lingering aches and pains from an old car accident.

On the program, my heath began to thrive and I immediately knew that this it was for me. In addition, I educated myself to gain a healthy appreciation for food and nutrition.

It takes struggle, and failure, to generate success and it takes effort to change. I am more driven that ever to create a beautiful life.

I would love to share with you more information about the simple three step program and how it changed my life.