Fitness Life

I have always been an athlete and athletic. When I was working my stressful job, that part of my life waned. That inactivity made me to change and get back in shape. Improving my eating habits beginning in 2014 also motivated me to go back to the gym. I started working out and weightlifting again. My goal was a better, healthier lifestyle.

Two weeks after I started the three-step nutritional program I had significantly more energy and I wanted to funnel that into a workout program. I reached out to my friend who introduced me to the nutritional program for more help. I admired her success and I sought out her advice and support. She became my biggest cheerleader and helped me to have the confidence to work out with a personal trainer.

The three-step nutritional program helped me get to that point where I could dive in more deeply into fitness. As my health continued to improve, my journey changed course in 2016. The process of loving food to build muscle was something new for me. I began to focus on long term improvements instead of immediate gratification.

To me, fitness to me isn’t just about lifting weights and going to a gym. It is about education, self-awareness, and understanding my body’s physical abilities. My transformation shifted from physical health to include mental and emotional health as well.

The three-step program made it possible for me to do the things my friend was doing and I was no longer just watching her. I am in the best shape of my life right now. My current goal is to enter a fitness competition in 2018, which is something I never thought I would be able to do.

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