Jennifer Ruzsa

We all have unique stories that have made us who we are. My accomplishments and life experiences have been the result of opportunity and taking action. I never passed up an opportunity to try something different, unique, or challenging.

I have many passions. I am an artist, horse breeder, athlete, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker.

I am a competitive person. I played every sport I could in school. I participated in 4H and rodeo. I’ve sold horses since I was 14.   

I am a creative person. I have a natural talent for drawing an I have always had a fascination with painting and art. That led me to my career in graphic arts.

Early Stages

I grew up on a farm in north central South Dakota and I am passionate about horses. Farming and ranching is hard work and that instilled in me an intense work ethic. That experience strongly shaped who I am today, never shying away from hard work. I am also close to my family; my roots are important to me and influence my life.

After college, I saw an opportunity to merge my two passions—horses and art—into a thriving career. My education led me to become a graphic designer for the western industry. I traveled across North America and was even crowned Miss Rodeo South Dakota in (year?) My talent and ambition led me to be one of very few women in the western industry.

Career Start

I recently transitioned to the health fitness industry. Participating in sports and being active was always a hobby but it is now my new passion. Wanting to improve my own life in 2014, I jumped at an opportunity in the nutritional supplement industry. I was looking for a product to help with health management, wellness, and motivation. The discovery of a simple three step nutritional program changed my life.

I am still passionate about art and horses, but my goal in life now is to create a community of like-minded people who want to live a Beautiful Driven Life.

Before you can follow your passion, you have to find it. I can help you discover your Beautiful Driven Life!

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